how to make money online united states to your brother Khaled we are circling on the good sweat
Shatha: Okay mother tell me about it a simple and concise summary sure
Khaled said something about him if it was simple
M. Muhammad says that his name is Turki and he is an officer and that his
wife is good for him people known for their how to make money blogging kind reputation and says his father and brother

The big people work in trade how to make money blogging and they have good
Shatha as she smiles: Officer Ma, you talk too much?
Um Muhammad: You know me shatha i dont like joking in things that are serious like this
Shatha: Zain Sorry Oh mother continue united kingdom
Um Mohamed: But this is the most important thing that your brother told me
Shatha narrowly: See mother tell me even the girl who was said by Mr Khaled Z N
how to make money Umm Muhammad: Osia says that this Turkish came east in a six-month course
and Khaled Khaya Yusuf you know in Military after a day he left his military session
Yousef was with him what happened that Youssef invited me again and the Khalid Club
Your brother says about him man and graces what in him like two
Shada and she is corresponding to her mother with half an eye: This is an invitation to let
Turk leave this to engage sister Khaled who saw a few times huh

Um Mohammad and she beats her daughter lightly on her shoulder: Oh prophet Tony
I will tell you his aunt at your college and I asked her about you and I took a mother
Muhammad wipes on the hair of her how to make money fast online daughter I swear to God oh Shatha and we visit you
Shatha and she smiles for her mother: Of course she is bigger oh mother like the people do
you know younger for example But oh mother how did Turk know that I am Khaled sister
Study at his aunt's, huh?

how to make money fast online Umm Mohamed: Aunt this is abeer she called me and she is originally the one who showed
him to us but a Turkish meeting with Khaled it was a coincidence Shatha: Ma Tok you say what
I know Um Muhammad: i dont know them she called me and introduced me to her self she told me
the topic and Khaled is a Turkish word and they are waiting for the reply because like
I told you Shatha: Reply to one what I know God calm you Umm Muhammad: Your
brother is a compliment and you are praising his aunt Shatha intersection: But this
is enough oh we must see them and ask about them Zain and after that every
recent incidentUmm Muhammad: Alas you dont have objection till now Shatha: Objection to what?
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